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Japonesque and I love Chinese culture! Wonderful literature! (Heian literature created by women, novels about loyalty and valor, Kerouac Kawabata, etc.) Philosophy (not be selfish as told by Florensky)! I’m sorry that I wasn’t born in a Buddhist family and now we can’t formally accept Buddhism. I can only admire! And count myself a Buddhist at heart!

Yes, I love how modern view of their culture (anime, j-pop, video games, technique) and respect their ancient roots. the country really has a great history, ancient traditions and monumental philosophy. their culture is beautiful, exotic and unusual. first they glorify bravery, courage and sacrifice (samurai, kamikaze), although we still don’t understand =). though they have a small area of the Islands, but they are filled with beautiful plants and trees. this started a new trend for small trees, gardens, ikebana and so on. and what in Japan girls. ugh, I about said culture. poditive well – respected their culture. PS. the Japanese have long Buddhism as not a religion! and Shintoism. and Buddhism has occurred in Indochina

well not about Buddhism, but Shinto is you’re wrong! Shinto is native to them-our beliefs, somewhere in the 6th century (sort of?) they adopted Buddhism! Shinto is still here – the point is that Shinto and Buddhism share their interests! Shinto rejects everything associated with death (and other ugly things), and Buddhism is still standing. Thus in Japan nearly 2 official religions, which share their functions! here

Screamo Sinclair, and in Russia it is customary to loudly swear in public places, idea of beauty is no less brutal than the Japanese: winter girls walking around with bare bellies! And actually, they only eat borsch, dumplings and vodka, and many say that they(the Russians) bears walking on the streets! They are psychos, right? I mean, to judge the culture of a country only having lived there for enough time. Then all becomes more or less clear, and the impression will be developed based on rumours and prejudices.

Japanese culture is unique. Japan consists of approximately 3,900 Islands. Japan about a thousand years was in isolation. There and developed its own unique culture. The Japanese still held in high esteem the possession of a samurai sword. For what would these swords were strong, there was added molybdenum. Also I like Japanese miniature sculpture netsuke. Love Japanese still to minimize. Japanese tank and hawk and I love to compose himself. Modern Japanese art amazes me. Anime, manga and Japanese movies are masterpieces. As for disadvantages, they are in every culture there is. What saperaud the cats in narrow cages, I myself do not like, but overall opinion is positive.

A special relationship to death, the cult of service, of devotion, Shinto, incidentally, is very close to my beliefs, the rituals, the philosophy of Zen, a century of turbulent history. All of this is appealing to me, as, indeed, the culture and the history of any people. Should also be said about poetry – I write a lot of haiku, I want to say that the first two rows may come immediately, but the third must be born suddenly like a flash of an instant and fatal blow of the sword. For example, the end of one haiku came to me after I was walking near the lake and suddenly saw the branches of willows on water. And then was born the end.

Their religion is Buddhism, and it is the oldest and the first world religion. It represents a storehouse of wisdom, knowledge, depth. I like almost all aspects of Japanese culture: tea ceremony, and ikebana, and haiku and Tanka.

Japanese culture -culture aesthetics, embodied beauty. Since ancient times the Japanese were able to extol the beauty of nature, though in all, the most insignificant of its manifestations: romantic and they were able to succinctly describe all the poetry just adore them blooming chrysanthemums, birds singing, the breeze. When you read their haiku poems and haiku, it seems that it is written by people not of this world, so subtly they all feel great. Of many cultures in the world, but Japanese, perhaps the most sublime and subtle.

Japanese culture. amazing how the Japanese managed to preserve their samobitnost, to adopt scientific achievements of Europe and later to overtake Europe in the technique. The Japanese understand the beauty of things invisible to others. movies Takeshi Kitano (especially “Fireworks”) are masterpieces. They crazies? So ancient Slavs called “savages”, just because we were different.

Interesting culture.But for me it remains a mystery.

From about 13 to 16 years old, I seriously uvlekatel the bonsai (grown ficus Benjamin “medium” size). Well versed in classical hieroglyphics (even tried pisati tanks (or tank) characters with respect to mestoraspolozhenie and order hell), AKABANE and origami. By the way, my cousin is keen on professionally carving netsuke from the heartwood of birch (just like Viktor Tsoi) – a bunch of keys from the apartment attagasam keychain in the shape of a grasshopper. And my aunt, who is in the country of the rising sun twice a year, brings me ceramic dolls (I have 9 pieces). Also have among two dining utensils Japanese tea set, early films like Akira and Kurosawa cartoons Hayao Miyazaki, novels Yukio Mishima, Katsushika paintings by Hokusai and of course the Kabuki theater, which, unfortunately, can only see on TV.

Any Russian person somehow associated with cultural environment when they arrive in Japan, wants to memorializing it (if not on paper, in marble, on film or on canvas). For a long time already nobody is interested in neither France nor the Caribbean Islands, but Japan, as before, is looking forward to the review of the Russian people themselves. If Russian people once again about her not leaving the slightest trace, I will not tell you that the more you live in Japan, the less you know her, or what to Hokkaido are growing delicious apples, and they make jam from tomatoes, then Japan will lose their inherent right to exist, therefore my love for her has several distinctive hue.

Firstly do not confuse the history and culture, so it is possible in antiquity to leave remembering a lot of events – contact the Russian and other peoples, and Japanese culture, it’s not just anime, although the anime is among sensible things, culture is Kurosawa, Kobo Abe, charismatic Kitano. Joe Hisaishi, how to list them all here. Importantly, Japan has recently made a breakthrough, miraculously moving the center of world culture apparently from West to East, because the latest fashion trends, music, games, etc. industry are from Japan, the Japanese youth conquer the world of original music, original fashion, original ideas and especially amid all this contrasts very uncivilized modern Russia with its medicinenetcom and generally redneck lifestyle, but that’s another discussion, I think everything is done on purpose.

Significantly, in Japan it “culture” is! unlike Russia, the culture and alubit can only rednecks.

Quiet, peaceful, flowing. Yes, introverted, but this is her only paint, because the Soul is directed. Not screaming like flashes civilized Western aggression. Nice to go in a garden, inscribed artificial streams; to walk in a special way laid out round the rocks; after crossing the last bridge, right in front of a tea house, leave your weapons at the entrance and ascend to the carpet of rice straw..forget for the next hour. This is only a fragment and it is beautiful.

Popularityrank too. Love Japan is now fashionable. Just amazing how some motoklubi exalt the country in which they don’t even have to happen and the Japanese, neither of whom personally do not know.

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