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As reported Day.Az with reference to AzerTAc, 7 November in Paris, the French national Institute of Oriental languages and cultures (INALCO) opened the faculty of Azerbaijani language.

The opening ceremony was attended by first lady of Azerbaijan, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO Mehriban Aliyeva .

French Institut of Oriental languages and cultures teaching languages of the indigenous peoples of Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Pacific, Africa and the Americas, geography, history, political, economic and social life of countries in these regions and continents. The youth language school founded in 1669 during the reign of king Louis XIV of France, in the twentieth century has received the status of the Institute. After the Second world war the Institute was taught up to 50 languages. The Institute received its current name in 1971, were operated in 3-m the University of Paris. Since 1985 he is an independent structure. Currently, the Institute trained more than 11 thousand students here are taught 90 languages of the peoples of all continents. The number of subjects reaches 1500. The Azerbaijani language belongs to the Eurasia Department.

Since 1999 INALCO in learning the Azerbaijani language is optional (voluntary). Classes are held in two groups – for students of 1-3 courses and in degree “Licence”. In the first group every year 15-20 students are the lessons of Azerbaijan language 40 hours during the year.

Before the opening of the faculty of Azerbaijani language by Azerbaijan’s first lady Mehriban Aliyeva met with rector of the Institute Prof.

At the opening meeting of the faculty of Azerbaijani language was seen as an important event. It was noted that this event is a clear example of cultural and humanitarian cooperation between France and Azerbaijan, and is a historic step towards the development of relations in the field of education.

Opening the ceremony, which was attended by representatives of the French public, the collective of the Institute and the Azerbaijani Diaspora, rector Jacques Legrand said

– This ceremony has a good Foundation. The event, in which we are participating today, will forever go down in the long history of State Institute of Oriental languages and cultures. We attach particular importance to this initiative. This event is a clear example of partnership and cooperation established between Azerbaijan and the Institute.

Addressing the ceremony, Mehriban Aliyeva expressed gratitude for the attention to the Azerbaijani language and culture and said, “In the world there is no other Institute where they taught 90 languages. I am proud that this institution of higher education with rich traditions, opened the Azerbaijani language faculty.

Opening in INALCO of the faculty of Azerbaijani language will give the opportunity in France to get more information about the history of Azerbaijan. In addition, I believe that this event will give a powerful impetus to relations between our States, ties between the two Nations, to establish a dialogue of good faith and cultures. For many centuries the language plays an invaluable role in the formation of Nations and peoples. The people of Azerbaijan also has very ancient and rich history and culture. At the same time, Azerbaijan is young as an independent state. Retaining the Azerbaijani language, we have kept our traditions, national-spiritual values, your roots. Of course, every language is evolving, enriched by new words, new terms. But we should not forget that language itself is a very valuable cultural and historical monument.

Mehriban Aliyeva stressed that French-Azerbaijani relations have expanded, encompassing the political, economic, energy and cultural spheres.

– In Azerbaijan with great attention and respect for French culture, history and language. For over a century, Azerbaijan is taught in French. 7 now in French universities the Azerbaijan language and literature are taught as a special discipline, more than 70 thousand students in secondary schools study French as a foreign language.

Noting that the faculty of Azerbaijani language at the French national Institute of Oriental languages and cultures will contribute greatly to bilateral cooperation, first lady of Azerbaijan said that the establishment of the faculty of Azerbaijani language at this Institute, which establish bridges between the West and the East, is of great importance.

Wishing the team success INALCO, Mehriban Aliyeva was informed that gave the faculty more than 400 books published in Azerbaijan, invited employees of the Institute in Baku.

Rector Jacques Legrand thanked for the gift and said that these books will become an important tool in the study of Azerbaijani language. He expressed kind words addressed to Azerbaijan, stressed the merits of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in field of culture and education. The rector noted that his Institute serves as a bridge between different peoples. Azerbaijan throughout history, been a bridge between East and West. Stressing that Baku had a special place in the soul writers of different Nations, Jacques Legrand stated that this institution acts as a custodian of cultural heritage.

Speaking next, the teacher of the Azerbaijani language Institute J. otye reported that annually for three months in Azerbaijan and explores the languages living in the country of small Nations. He said that while researching Kritsky, budovsky and the Xinaliq language closely acquainted with culture, history and literature of Azerbaijan and came to the conclusion that the most beautiful language in the world spoken on the shores of the Caspian sea, there where it joins the Kura and Araz rivers. J. otye thanked Mehriban Aliyeva for her contributions in the realization of this mission.

Jil otye said, Now in Xinaliq is a lovely paved road. Every village built a new school. In September of this year, I saw with my own eyes in a new school in a small village in Guba district 10 new computers, and in its library 3 thousands of new books. Dear Mrs. Aliyeva, the new school in June of this year You opened. You considered it an important task of the construction of a new school in this small village. Following this, with the help of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and under the patronage of Your most diligent students and graduates were sent abroad. Finally, today You came here to visit our ancient University, located in the centre of Paris and far to assist the teachers of Azerbaijani language. I hope the new teacher to be appointed for teaching of Azerbaijani language at INALCO, will be worthy of this large and important task.

Invited high-ranking guests in conversation with Mehriban Aliyeva noted that the beginning of functioning of Institute of the faculty of Azerbaijani language is of particular importance from the point of view of promoting Azerbaijan in France – the cultural center of Europe. They thanked Azerbaijan’s first lady for this initiative.

The ceremony was attended by rector of the Baku branch of Moscow state University named after Lomonosov Nargiz Pashayeva. the Azerbaijani Ambassador to France Tarik Aliyev. the permanent representative to UNESCO Eleonora Huseynova .

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