Central Asia


Opens in Tashkent regional office of the Alliance. While the authorities of Kyrgyzstan, loudly promised to withdraw the U.S. base in 2014, was surprised to find that NATO trucks already year something carry on the country without any permission.

3 June in the capital of Uzbekistan will host a presentation of the regional office of NATO. The NATO office in Tashkent will be responsible for strengthening dialogue and practical cooperation with all partners of NATO in Central Asia — Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. According to official Uzbek media, with links to foreign sources, the head of mission will be a citizen of one of NATO countries, but the position of his assistant considers candidates from among the citizens of Uzbekistan.

This quiet event, has not received wide coverage, in fact, may be the key in expanding NATO influence in former Soviet Central Asian republics.

Uzbekistan is becoming an Outpost of NATO in Central Asia and the level of cooperation of this country with Western military increases continuously. And while many analysts believe that the mere opening of the regional office of the North Atlantic block in the heart of Central Asia should not be regarded as a clear roll of Uzbekistan’s political leaders towards cooperation with the USA and NATO, we cannot but admit that the time and place for the extension of the zone of influence of NATO was chosen perfectly: Uzbekistan withdrew from the CSTO, in fact, adopted NATO standards in its armed forces and received assurances of supply of the latest weapons of the NATO sample.

Uzbek Pro-government analysts are trying to create the impression that there are no major changes in the regional situation, the opening of a NATO office will bring. And as an example lead the military base of the USA, previously stationed in Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan. The Americans thought that the base will last forever, however, after angry reaction of the West to suppress the rebellion in Andijan in 2005, these hopes were dispelled.

Official sources report that the NATO mission with the center in Tashkent will initially assume the function of coordination of all stakeholders in a planned phased withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the export of arms and army property. What are the next stages is still unknown.

Recall that in March this year, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan received the special representative of the NATO Secretary General for Central Asia and Caucasus James Appathurai. During the visit, meetings were held in several ministries and departments of the Republic, during which were discussed the state and prospects of relations between Uzbekistan and NATO in various spheres, exchanged views on certain aspects of international and regional policy. Appathurai also met with students and faculty of the University of world economy and diplomacy.

Bishkek political analyst Mars Sariev says the opening of a NATO office in Tashkent a long awaited event. “This is the work policy of soft power, he says. – Slowly, step by step, NATO is embedded in the infrastructure of the countries of Central Asia. It is a long and not very noticeable, but a continuous process. Take implementation of the program “Partnership for peace” NATO has circulated through their courses all the generals of the countries of Central Asia and, there is reason to believe that they got a loyal Pro-Western lobby in the armed forces of all our countries. Now began a new stage of implementation of NATO in Central Asia and the transformation of military infrastructure here”.

The other day on a railway route passing through the territory of Uzbekistan from Afghanistan train with military cargoes destined for the UK and Norway. In addition, last week arrived in France two columns with the military goods that went overland route through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

In General, the presence of NATO goods is growing in all countries of Central Asia. No exception and Kyrgyzstan, where today on this soil happened is a real scandal. It turned out that the transit of military cargoes of NATO on the territory of the country is already almost a year, and the General public learned about it only in the day of ratifying the agreement in Parliament. That military cargo is being transported, no one knew, including the top leadership of the country. “Information on the transportation of NATO cargo I received only yesterday, said Prime Minister Jantoro Satybaldiev. — This should not be.” And the source of news was the Minister of transport of Kyrgyzstan Kalykbek Sultanov. “Transportation of NATO cargoes through the territory of Kyrgyzstan is already long time ago,” he said. The state Secretary of the Kyrgyz foreign Ministry Asein Isayev told to “Rosbalt” that the cargo transportation will be stopped.

On the implementation of any other NATO projects in Kyrgyzstan can only guess or build the most fantastic speculation: it seems that the authorities of the country, loudly announcing the withdrawal of the U.S. base from Manas in 2014, just not able to control what happens on their territory.

“Many in the Kyrgyz government, this situation is very advantageous, says military expert of the Toktogul Kakchekeev. – More than half of Ministers, the businessmen here, and grey schemes favorable to them. A significant portion of funds derived from the transit of NATO goods, settles in their pockets. This practice began during Akaev’s and continues to this day. Furthermore, cargo traffic on the territory of Kyrgyzstan is very poorly controlled. So, from this point of view there is nothing surprising”.

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