Expedition to the Heart of Asia.


Lee beats the heart of Asia? Not muted is it sand?

From Brahmaputra to the Irtysh, and from the Yellow river to the Caspian sea, from Mukden to Arabia – everywhere menacing merciless waves of Sands. As the apotheosis of lifelessness, frozen ill the Taklamakan desert oertwig middle part of Asia. Bulk is lost in the Sands of the old Imperial Chinese road. Sand dunes sticking out of the skeletons of former forest. Ogladanie skeletons stretched izvrashenie the time the walls of ancient cities. Where were the great travelers, the peoples migrations? Somewhere lonely, towering kereksur, menhirs, cromlechs, and rows of stones, silently keeping the cults of the past. Extremities of Asia are struggling with the ocean waves in the gigantic struggle. But now heart? When a Hindu yogi stop the pulse, the heart still continues their domestic work; and also with the heart of Asia. In the oases, the nomads and caravans he lives in a kind of thought. Of course, it’s hard to talk about all of Central Asia in detail. But in the fragmentary characteristics we can mention the modern state of these immense regions, and look at the monuments of a glorious past. As elsewhere, on the one hand you can find wonderful monuments, and exquisite way of thinking, expressed on the basis of the ancient wisdom, friendliness and human relationship. You can enjoy the beauty and can be easily understood. But in those same places do not be surprised if horrified and distorted forms of religion, and ignorance, and the signs of fall and degeneration. We must take things as they are. Without conventional sentimentality, we must welcome the light and fairly harmful to expose the darkness. We must carefully distinguish between prejudice and superstition from the hidden symbols of ancient knowledge. Welcome all to the pursuit of creativity and creation and mourn the destruction of the barbaric values of nature and spirit. Of course, my main aspiration as an artist was to the art work. It is hard to imagine when I will be able to realize all of the artistic notes and impressions – so generous are these gifts of Asia.

No Museum, no book will not give you the right to represent Asia and all other countries, if you haven’t seen them with my own eyes, if the place is not made at least memorable notes. Persuasiveness, this magical quality of creativity, unexplained words, is only created by layering true impressions of the reality. Mountains, mountains everywhere, water water everywhere, the sky is the sky everywhere, people everywhere people. But nevertheless, if you will, sitting in the Alps, the Himalayas to portray, something unspeakable, persuasive is out. Besides artistic tasks of our expedition we had in mind to read the position of the monuments of antiquities from Central Asia, to observe modern state of religion, customs, and to note the traces of great migration of peoples. This last task was close to me. We see in the latest findings of the expedition of Kozlov, in the writings of Professor Rostovtsev, Borovka, Makarenko, Roofing and many other great interest in the Scythian, the Mongol, and Gothic monuments. Siberian antiquity, traces of the great migration in Minusinsk, Altai, the Urals provide an unusually rich artistic and historical material for the entire pan-European Romanesque and early Gothic. And how close these motifs to modern art. Many animal and vegetal styling could come from the latest best workshop.

The main route of the expedition has resulted in a vast circle on the medial side of Asia.

Darjeeling, Sikkim monasteries, Benares, Sarnath, Northern Punjab, Rawalpindi, Kashmir, Ladakh, Karakorum, Khotan, Yarkand, Kashgar, Aksu, Kuchar, Karashar, Taxon, region Turpan, Urumqi, Tien Shan, Koseung, Zaisan and the Irtysh, novonikolayevsk, Biysk, Altai, Eurotia, Verkhneudinsk Buryatia, troizkosavsk, Altyn-Bulak, Urga, yum Buysse, Annecy-jaú, Chibaken, Nanyang, Sharaholic, Tsaidam, Nagy, Marko Polo ridge, Co-kusile, Dombura, nagchu, Senza Dzong, Saga-Dzong, Tingri Dzong, Shekar-Dzong, Kampa-Dzong, Cepola, gun current, Darjeeling.

Following mountain passes crossed, we get the next sheet 35 passes, 14 000 to 21 000 feet.

Soji-La, Kardong-La, Karaul Davan, Sasser, Dub-Zang, Karakoram, Suget, Sangju,URT-Koshkarian-Dbap, Ulan-Daban, Cahalin-Daban, Hunt, Nagy La, Cocosila, Dombura, Tangla, Kham-Rong-La, Tsang-La, Lamcy, NAPTR-La, Hamaker, Senza, lanze-Nagri, CAG-La, Lam-Ling Pong-Chen-La, Docen-La, sang-Mo-La, Tiegong-La Zug-Chung-La, Ja-La, Orang-La, Ball La, Gulung-La, SEPO La.

Not to return more to the transition passes, I must say that, except for the Tangla pass, for all these many transitions, none of our caravan was not seriously hurt. But in the case of Tangla were special conditions. Nervousness was descended from an obscure negotiations with the Tibetans, though the pass itself has, of course, some climatic features.

Yuri had such a strong attack of heart weakness, nearly fell from his horse, and our doctor, using very strong doses of digitalis and ammonia and restores circulation massage, very feared for his life. Lama Milanov fell from horse and lay unconscious on the road. In addition, three of the satellites had, as they are expressed, significant seizure “sur”, expressed by headache, loss of circulation, nausea, and General weakness. However, this weakness to a greater and lesser extent often accompanies the transition peaks. On passes also often seen bleeding from the nose first, and then and other less protected places. The same symptom is often expressed in animals after 15 000 feet height. Caravan route via Kardong, Sasser and Karakorum especially abundantly strewn with skeletons of all sorts of animals: horses, donkeys, yaks, camels, dogs. We met on the way several abandoned animals weakened from a nose which abundantly flowed a jet of blood. Motionless and trembling, they waited the inevitable end of your. And really, their end was inevitable to rescue them could only one thing, namely to put them with 17-18 thousand height on which they were, to a height of 7-8 thousand, but it was impossible. In our caravan there were cases of bleeding in animals and in humans, but without serious consequences. Probably, this has been helped by the measures taken by us before each pass.

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“Most important, what can we say about the world of Roerich is a world of truth. As the name of this truth, I don’t know – and who knows the name of truth? But her presence invariably excites and illuminates thoughts special, strange light. Here like removed the artist from all superficial, all excess, evil and disturbing, hugged him, and the earth a tender look of love and thought deeply. And thought deeply, something looked. “(By L. Andreev)

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