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Three times I was wrong when wrote that Yana Dubinyanskaya “primitive” books. Due to the late awareness of his idiocy, sprinkled with sand head and tell – she’s good books. But heavy – this, for example, I psychologically very hard to read (although, maybe women will be easier because the author is herself a woman and think they are on the same wavelength). Comparing Dubinyanskiy creativity and Demina-Lesja’s (for me it is the current standard of female drama), I would say that the book is heavier and more hopeless than the first, and the second is more romantic and boring. Big-man-defender any fool can portray. Ugh, well, here again began to glue labels.

In General, the read, guys. Last with such atmosphere I have come across – “the Laws applied euthanasia” Tim and Nikolay skorenko’s “Magic chopper” Stanislaus Burkina. Well, ‘Dangerous liaisons’ by de Laclos.

I’m gonna put a fiver in advance. The Lord never misses a moment to click on the nose about himself imagines readers like me, and I thank him for that ))

Rating: 0 ( 0 for, 0 against).

Liked the book. Perhaps just when the mood came. Here the promised summary of a detective story, a Thriller and Yes, it can be called a stretch, although the scene, forcing to worry about the main character, the book will. The rest is a long, slow, with a bunch of unnecessary, it would seem, all the details, “a story about life.” The book is addictive – basically, slowly developing plot, and the language and style of presentation. I never have any desire to quit or to procrastinate.

The denouement may seem ambiguous and “half-hearted”, but to me, it should be in books, preaching two ancient truths: “Embarked on a journey of revenge dig two graves” and “judge Not, that ye be not judged”.

Zy Towards the end of the book I caught myself that I use to represent what is happening “pictures” that happened for me, when I read “boys Life” Maccammon. Streets, dusty greens, Baptist Church, library, swimming pool. These two books are really similar, although they are separated by distance and decades. They have the same mesmerizing and addictive atmosphere.

Rating: +2 ( 2 for, 0 against).

[moving to a mournful tone]: and the first thing I would like to tell you about this book, ha-Espada and Yes-AMA is the saddest, and the saddest fact that the sync level of the library leaves much to be desired, Yes, the best! And the second thing I have to tell you that magician of the pen and the aforesaid pairs of clusters on the disk Irina Uspenskaya and rekomyh aforesaid, Irina (assumption) issued very recently and oblochka there, colored with her in a man’s body and surrounded by women-servants and house maids, servants stuck its essence.

And now to the point. Somewhere on the Internet, don’t remember where, sparked by holivar on a subject of blatant popdance in a male body, attracted to men. The arguments against boil down to the description of the female of stupidity and illogic. Pros – for approval “the fool”. Both, of course, very sensible.

In my humble opinion, such behavior is acceptable and even logical. Yes, women secretly dream to get into a male body and there too, taking advantage of the strong position of the floor, breaking hearts, doing all the right and left, and ideally to surround themselves with a harem. All this is completely normal and no different from men’s fantasies. Now about who would fuck our boss lady. The answer is also clear: perceiving oneself as a woman, it will pull to men, the more that modern women consider their own physiology as something that is very far from ideal, unlike the physiology of the male (especially if HE-nya – a lesbian from among independent and masculine; she immediately accepts the new body as a welcome improvement of its own). Whom you sleep with in the books of former straight men in female bodies? With women, of course, as in a past life. At the sight of interest even handsome man, their minds are filled with horror akin to the horror of a young never been kissed before hairy schoolgirl download the film the Highlander, with a carnivorous smile, beckoning her, “krasavica, posmatrati, what are persika, wah!”

A small factor of difficulty may be the fact that the woman is not only body, but also a social function. Therefore, it is possible that she (in male body) and will sleep with women, as this would require the wagering of her new role, but to perceive it as it will be not too pleasant duty.

And the last moment – accusations of perversity. IMHO, if you guys harem (though in the story), then why not Madam? Let sleeping with anyone, in any quantities and colours, if only that others not interfere. And on this optimistic note I conclude my story.

Ah Yes, the book did not read.

Rating: 0 ( 2 for, 2 against).

In the story contained a few large logical oink. First oink is doubtful that you can simultaneously be a robotics expert and a bioengineer. Second oink is the very concept of eternal robot, able to reconstruct themselves. No brainer (and no Sonvico) that the robot’s capabilities are equal opportunity its inventor, to create a complete learning AI, what is not mentioned here. Oh and oink some more on the topic of development, mental stability and goal of existence.

Not a story, but a solid pohryukivanie. C.

Rating: 0 ( 0 for, 0 against).

Rating: 0 ( 0 for, 0 against).

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