Japanese gifts and Souvenirs


Gifts differ not only in terms of cost and purpose, but also in style. In particular, when talking about the style of the gift, refers to his ethnic features. So, there are “Russian gifts, Souvenirs”: foreigners often receive from us a gift of a matryoshka doll, samovar, Pavlovo Posad shawl, the pot of caviare, model Russian log hut and the like.

Each nation has its own cultural traditions, so the Souvenirs brought from the country, have their peculiarities, which most of us can easily define their ethnicity. Hookah brought from one of the Arab countries, the model of the pyramid – from Egypt, miniature Eiffel tower – from France, bagpipes – from Scotland, a huge beer mug – most likely from Germany. To continue to infinity.

Ethnic gifts are given not only to foreigners. Souvenirs in ethnic style not only as a good gift to friends and relatives from the man who had just returned from abroad. The culture of other countries attracted many of us, it’s so interesting – to learn something new about unfamiliar people and their customs. As a rule, familiarity with a foreign culture often develops into a profound study of the history of the people, peculiarities of his life and religion. If the person you want to bestow, passionate about any country or shows its culture genuine interest, you can never go wrong with a gift! Ethnic souvenir will be a great solution. What to give a man passionate about Japan?

Gifts in Japanese style

The most popular Japanese gifts – it is a bonsai (a miniature tree that is an exact copy of the real tree), Japanese garden (decorative piece of furniture that represents the Japanese courtyard garden, or in miniature), kits for sushi . Japanese tableware and tableware . decorative fans . a variety of Japanese ceramic figurines of gods or sacred animals, samurai swords, etc.

Beautiful Japanese souvenir pens are Japanese-style, the body of which is a real work of art – it is decorated with painting colors or even gold, with mosaics from the shell of shells, carvings and Paintings etc., tends to be topical: are applied on the body characters or symbols (dragon, crane, Sakura, etc.).

We would like to say about the Japanese garden . This variant is already pretty banged up, but the design of Japanese gardens remains the same: these Souvenirs are constantly improved, supplemented with new, more complex elements. If you decide to give the Japanese garden, don’t stop at the first souvenir. Look for something really unusual.

The main task of Japanese garden – not just to decorate the room and create a mood. The Japanese garden – it is a means for relaxation, which sets in a philosophical reflection. Therefore, a good option would be the Japanese garden with a fountain and a candlestick, because the man can endlessly look at the water and the fire, while he relaxes and feels refreshed after.

A great gift is the Japanese decorative Japanese doll skins . Created in the middle of the last century, today they are literally conquered by Russia. The art of making dolls in Japan developed gradually and the history of their creation spanning centuries. A considerable influence on the development of this direction was provided by many factors, among which were Japanese and literature, and fine arts and traditional national rituals, ceremonies, rituals.

Japanese dolls are objects of decorative art. They are attractive, unique, believable. Most of them are made of wood, rarely – from clay, fabric. For exhibitions even make dolls with chrysanthemums. Each of these dolls, made by the master, in a way, is a true masterpiece, because that one is such a doll you won’t find it anywhere. Not accidentally, many collectors are chasing literally some of the most rare specimens of Japanese dolls. For these people the Japanese doll – a truly luxury gifts in the Japanese style, which they cherish and reverence them literally.

Note that the word “skins”, which the Japanese call their dolls, means not what is commonly understood under the word “doll”. We treat our dolls to a persisted way people intended for the entertainment and education of children. “Skins” in Japanese culture has a much greater status than our matryoshka. In Japan, this “toy” has almost religious status – skins created not so much for games, but for contemplation and admiration. In the land of the Rising sun there is even a popular national holiday, devoted to the doll. On this day, all Japanese people give each other “skins” by investing in this gift are very meaningful.

If you’re in Japan choose Japanese Souvenirs. you will definitely meet in the sale and doll skins . However, you can buy them and we really, the choice is not so great. However, for a person passionate about Japan, the Japanese would make an excellent gift, because each doll – unique, which means that the gift in any case will be unique.

Japanese gifts. Some more ideas:

panels with hieroglyphics;

Japanese puzzles;


Japanese tea pots;

Daruma (doll-dolls);

Daruma doll

Japanese curtain for door;

mats and Japanese bamboo mats:

Japanese umbrella – girl from this gift will love it. And the man will be delighted with the set of Japanese knives samurai sword or what.

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