Korea – wedding traditions and rituals.


180 days before the celebration comes the engagement. Groom with a bouquet of flowers came to the house to beloved and formally asks her parents for her hand. The conversation happens in which parents try to know about young about his status, education, family and property. If given a blessing – a girl visits the house of the beloved and there’s her bride. It also passes the so called test, answers questions and trying to enjoy it to the parents of her future husband. If both parties approved – the official announcement of the upcoming wedding.

Begin a long preparation. For 70 days before the celebration the bride must give the groom’s parents the best and most beautiful silk. It is a sign of deep respect and reverence his parents. Of course, you can send to the house of handpicked every gift, but it is a silk garment or roll of material is more valuable and expensive gift.

10 days before the celebration the groom must present a gift to the groom. In Korea it is called yedan. This can be a beautiful silk shirt or all sorts of items from this fabric. In response, young presented his favorite with her family and the casket, which puts the letter and two cuts of silk fabric in blue and red. In the letter the young parents Express their gratitude to the bride’s relatives that they are honored to give such a wonderful daughter for their son. This paper is of a formal nature and is a confirmation that the wedding will take place. Bolts of blue and red color is the symbol of unity, harmony and love in relationships young. A gift from young brings home a lady friend of the groom.

Select the day of the wedding is very important event. Newly-made special pair goes to a fortuneteller who predicts an auspicious day for the marriage. The wedding ceremony must take place in the daytime. Most often it is the second half of Saturday or Sunday. The wedding is celebrated in the country only at weekends, so you can come everyone is invited. Is the wedding in the hall of rituals, called erikjan. Brac on weekdays, the Ministry of social welfare the country has made concessions, reducing the price for the use of nickaname 50%.

Before the wedding, the bride visits the salon where the professionals do her hair and dress up in dress. Most brides prefer to sew a new dress. As it is customary in most cultures, white color, up to European standards.

An hour before the wedding they all go to town where many are photographed. In this country people do to luxury wedding photo albums, so many photographed – in throughout the event. Then, in a ritual hall until the guests arrive, the bride is in the waiting room. Guests are seated in a certain order: on the left side of invitees from the groom on the right – side of the bride. After the guests took their seats in the hall are the mother of the groom and mother of the bride. They go to the pedestal on which sit the young and light candles. After bowing to each other, they sit in the first row, which is considered honorable.

Next to the hall the bridegroom and then the bride, which leads under the arm father. Walking through the hall, the bride can’t look up. It is a symbol of obedience, of which each must have a Korean wife. Moving young to the groom, the father passes her hand to her future husband. After the young take their seats, the steward makes a solemn ritual of speech and begins the official part of the ceremony. Young gathered bow welcomed guests and expressed gratitude to them. The choose your wedding planner very senior and influential person. This is a special person at the party, which enjoys universal respect and reverence.

Here the official part is over and the couple leave the room. Guests depart for gala dinner. The young do not attend the Banquet. They are sent to a special room phobail to welcome all the relatives and her husband’s parents who gathered there specifically for a personal meeting. The couple change into traditional Korean wedding outfits and the audience are treated to a glass of alcohol. The meal comes with the obligatory bow as a sign of respect and veneration. Before the groom’s parents performed 3 bow. After the presentation of alcohol, the relatives give the newlyweds money in the envelope. In Korea it is not customary to give gifts. Weddings here happen in a big way and they are quite expensive. The ceremony may be over a thousand guests.

After meeting with relatives of the husband of the couple go to the Banquet to greet the audience, and then immediately go to celebrate their honeymoon.

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