Korean medicine


Now residents of the Peninsula have the opportunity to receive medical care and treatment medical centers in South Korea. This service for the first time, perhaps, in the history of medicine provides local Kamchatka neurological clinic.

Representatives of the clinic, the chief doctor Elena TOVUTOVU and Executive Director Anastasia SAFRONOVA, participated in the annual international conference on medical tourism held from 28 to 30 September in Busan, South Korea, where he signed contracts with the largest comprehensive medical centers and clinics in Korea on the direction of Kamchatka citizens for examination and treatment.

And here at the end of October with a return visit to Kamchatka from Korea arrived representatives of Busan medical tourism Agency Natalya Marina KIM and PAK to discuss the issues of further cooperation.

– The Russian delegation in South Korea within the framework of the conference visited clinics and medical centres, both private and universities, told E. TOLMASOVA. – We got acquainted with the possibilities of medical centers and clinics in Busan and the services that Koreans offer. In addition, we signed a number of agreements to ensure that our patients could come to Korea and receive medical service and treatment as quickly as possible and without bureaucratic red tape.

It should be noted that today we have the opportunity to send patients to Korea with not only neurological diseases, but on the examination and treatment of cardiovascular, ophthalmic, Oncology, dental diseases, diseases of the joints. In Korean hospitals is widely represented beauty services. Thus, our Korean colleagues offer almost the entire range of medical services offered by medicine in the modern world.

To date, South Korea has established itself as the country most visited by tourists who are treated abroad. In South Korean clinics, equipped with modern equipment, highly qualified doctors and medical staff are world class.

The service level here is incredibly high, applied technology, while the Russians are unavailable, for example, robotic surgery. For certain types of services – cosmetology, dentistry, orthopedics and others – recommended private clinics that already tested cooperation with the Agency.

In addition, medicine in South Korea, according to the representatives of the Busan medical tourism Agency, complied with the best combination of price, quality and responsibility of physicians for their cause, after all, private medicine is here controlled by the state. Experts of the Kamchatka neurological clinic, directing patients to treatment in South Korea, will conduct all the necessary preliminary work: history taking and examination of the patient, sending the results of its survey in a Korean clinic, receiving guidance from Korean colleagues, as a result – fly to the target therapy in Korea.

After returning from South Korea to Kamchatka clinic specialists will continue to monitor the patient’s condition.

Is not a touristic trip in the usual sense of the word: a haven of rest and light massage during the breaks, – told the Agency representatives. Is a medical tour, which purpose – to get medical care, modern diagnostics and treatment in the largest medical centers in South Korea. Each patient will be Korean coordinator and a personal translator.

It should be noted that the distinguishing feature of Korean medicine, in addition to the optimal combination price-quality, is the guarantee on the treatment. If you have any problems after surgery, subsequent treatment will be free for patients.

Each medical round will be individual and the price depends on the necessary examinations and treatment. Korean clinics provide diagnostic programs, different content. Within a short period you can pass all the tests to pass x-ray, ultrasound, hearing test and vision, computer tomography, magnetic resonanse tomography, endoscopic examination. In case of detection of any pathology the patient profile will be inspected immediately by a specialist. In Korean hospitals to develop basic diagnostic program, VIP program, program, specially selected by age.

Documenting medical tour, including visa, the representatives of Kamchatka are engaged in a neurological clinic. According to the Executive Director of the clinic A. SAFRONOVA, Kamchatka five patients will soon go to South Korea: two of them are headed for serious back surgery.

It so happens that the person for examination or treatment in a clinic abroad – this is the last hope. How to speak Korean doctors: “If you lost money, ” you have lost little. If you have lost honor, ” you have lost much. If you have lost health, ” you lost”.

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Korean medicine
  Now residents of the Peninsula have the opportunity to receive medical care and treatment medical centers in South Korea. This service for the first time, perhaps, in the history…

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