Medicine of South Korea


Currently, thanks to the freedom of movement, ease of obtaining necessary documents, development of modern technologies has become popular and quite productive treatment abroad. This is especially true for serious diseases that our medicine is unable to provide high quality care. Overseas medical facilities sometimes have more modern technical base that allows you to achieve a higher recovery result. For example, cancer treatment in Korea has the highest degree of cure compared to other Asian countries.

The advantages of foreign clinics

Foreign States invest large amounts of cash in the development of medicine, through which many clinics have the opportunity to constantly upgrade their equipment, develop their technical capacity, to continuously improve service quality, improve staff skills. Participation in international conferences, modern design and diagnostics, scientific works — all this significantly affects the quality of medical services.

The last decade, all the great demand for medical clinics in South Korea. High-quality combination of modern medicine and Eastern traditions helps to perform miracles of healing. Cancer treatment in Korea — one of the main directions of medical clinics in South Korea.

The South Korean government strongly promotes the development of medical tourism in his state. The empowerment clinics, which legally gave the right to serve foreign patients, significantly increased the number of tourists.

Treatment in Korea is increasingly developing due to the use of modern technologies and large investments of public funds aimed at studying the etiology of this disease. Due to lower cost medical care and high level of services come to South Korea for the treatment of not only Russian citizens, but also States with a rather high level of medicine, for example, USA and Germany.

Clinic South Korea provide quality service at world-renowned medical institutions of the USA, the UK, Germany, Singapore, but the cost of the treatment at a cost four times cheaper that make this country the most attractive for medical tourism. Company “5 Avenue honey & round” is not the first year helps its customers receive a quality service in leading clinics of South Korea.

The work of the doctor in South Korea is the most prestigious in the country. Funds that are directed to new research, the laboratory, the continuous improvement of Korean knowledge allows doctors to take an active part in various international conferences, scientific projects. For the treatment of cancer in Korea draw the attention of a growing number of citizens, because the survival rate of cancer patients in this country is the highest among many.

Clinics South Korea — some of the best in the world market of medical services. South Korean high service clinics allows for a very short time to get tested, get results, be screened for ultrasound, endoscopy and magnetic resonance imaging. All clinics operate around the clock, so in case of detection of any breach of any of the systems of the body to consult a specialist of the corresponding profile will be obtained by you in the shortest time. A large number of diagnostic methods, and programs provide an opportunity to systematize the process of examination and the maximum to speed it up. New ultra-modern technologies can provide an effective treatment of cancer in Korea.

The versatility and quality of services is the motto of South Korean physicians.

Individual approach to each patient, the possibility of carrying out unique operations allows to carry out complex measures for the treatment of cancer in Korea is more efficient than in other States.

High quality and fast survey enables an effective treatment:






dental diseases

Equally popular cosmetic services, which include consultations and treatment, including surgical intervention, providing a comfortable rehabilitation period, filled with secret methods of the Eastern medicine.

In South Korean clinics are highly qualified specialists, who create maximally comfortable conditions for its patients. Quick decision making about treatment, extensive service and high result include South Korea leaders in travel medicine.

Quality treatment of cancer in Korea — the opportunity of a new life patients

Any kinds of medical services, including treatment of cancer, in Korea were carried out by specialists, who constantly improve their knowledge by taking part in the development of new methods of treatment. Supernova technologies, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment to ensure the maximum level of service and comfort.

The doctor carrying out the treatment of cancer in Korea, in addition to applying effective modern techniques and combine them with the ancient traditions of Korean medicine, which together ensures a positive result. Creating special institutions to study the problems of this severe disease, cancer treatment in Korea runs more efficiently thanks to high quality accurate diagnostic techniques and the application of new achievements of world science during surgical intervention and radiation therapy

You don’t have to wait in long queues or schedule applying to the doctor for a few weeks that will entail additional costs and waste of time. Quality care you will receive here and now. Regular air flights to Seoul will allow you to readily solve complex issues related to your health or the health of your loved ones. Company “5 Avenue honey & tour” will help you select the right clinic and will solve all organizational issues regarding the necessary paperwork, ticketing, hotel reservation and other. We can guarantee high quality services, even treatment of cancer in Korea gives you a chance to live for the most complex patients.

The most demanded medical services which attract the foreign citizens who are:

comprehensive diagnostics;

traditional Oriental medicine;

treatment of gynecological diseases;

dentistry and plastic surgery;



Regardless of whether you refer to the clinic for prophylactic purpose or to complete a serious course of treatment, the medical staff of the South Korean hospitals are responsible will come to solving any problem. Company “5 Avenue honey & tour” will select the appropriate option for you and will help to get quality and effective treatment in any of foreign clinics of the world.

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