Amazing facts about South Korea


Incheon is the largest city of South Korea, which is just 24 km from Seoul. Founded long before our era, he walked the path of development from a tiny settlement of fishermen, the commercial port, to the status of a major sea and air gates of the capital, has become a highly developed industrial and ultra-modern tourist centre.

How to get

From Seoul to Incheon can be reached by metro, metro line United these cities also have bus rapid transit. The price for a ticket on the subway is from 900 to 2400 won, depending on distance. The fare can be seen on the subway plans (at ticket offices or ticket machines).

Station names, ticket Windows and transfer signs are all clearly in English. Stations are announced both in Korean and English languages.


Settled here from time immemorial merchants from neighbouring China, the Russian Empire and even countries of the Old world in their own way enriched the local traditions, but, nevertheless, did not violate the authenticity and Oriental flavor. Today the city has grown so that in fact represents a kind of suburban area of Seoul. The rapid pace of development and a high standard of living provide about five thousand industrial enterprises, developed trade and tourism. And also the second Continue reading

Traditional weapon of Korean martial arts

The fan is beautiful, practical tool that is not similar to a weapon. For centuries, however the fan is a valuable weapon in the Korean martial arts.

In ancient Korea, the fan was a weapon of the nobility. The weapon had a blade (swords, knives) were banned by the yard, careful rulers of Korea who were afraid of assassins. Thus, a simple fan for the court aristocracy by means of self-defense.

Today, the fan of Korean early study, as traditional weapon systems such as hapki-before and Kuk Sul won (hapke related to the style, translates as “national art”). Here a technique is studied of a fan as with an ancient Royal court. How to speak Korean master, the technique of the fan is not only effective for self-defense, but represents a cultural heritage and a high level of martial arts of ancient Korea.

The fan is especially popular as a weapon was during the period of the Three Kingdoms of Korea (about 600 ad). Fans were comfortable hidden weapons and fighters to the Royal court. Scientists. court ladies, officials wore fans who used them externally. as a means of cooling during hot summer. However, some of them knew the combat Continue reading

Features of nature in Central Asia.


Central Asia, including arid and semi-arid plains, plateaus and highlands. V. limited on the southern part of the Great Khingan, Y. longitudinal tectonic depression of the upper Indus and Brahmaputra. On Z. C. and the border of Central Asia corresponds to the mountain ranges of the Eastern Kazakhstan, Altai, Western and Eastern Sayan.

Relief . Central Asia has a larger height, and clearly distinguished 2 basic tiers of relief. Form the lower tier of the Gobi, Alashan, Ordos, Tarim and Dzungarian plains, the average altitude of 500-1500 m. of which Upper tier — Tibetan plateau, within which the average height increase up to 4-4,5 thousand m. Plains and plateaus are isolated from each other linearly extended mountain ranges of the Eastern Tien Shan, Kunlun, Nan Shan, Mongolian Altai, Karakorum, etc. Gandisyshan the Highest point of the Central Asia — Chogori in Karakorum (8611 m). Axial geological structure of Central Asia is the Western continuation of the Sino-Korean platform. S. with this group of arrays is framed Mongol-Kazakh, and Y. — Kurlansky belts of Paleozoic folded structures. C. on the Tibetan plateau, within Changtan, manifested Mesozoic folding. The modern relief is notable for the complex combination of gravelly and sandy plains (with the areas of hummocks), mountain chains and massifs, the highest of which Continue reading

Customs and traditions of North Korea

Catholic Christmas holiday has five days forefeast (from 20 to 24 December) and six days of poprazdnovat. On December 24, Christmas eve Catholics observed particularly strict fast, called Eve, because this day is consumed sochivo – cooked with honey wheat or barley grain.

By tradition, the post Christmas eve ends with the appearance of the sky first evening star, after which all Catholic and Protestant churches around the world be festive Christmas worship, the presence of which is obligatory for Catholics. During the mass, I recall the old Testament prophecies and events related to Christmas Savior.

After a solemn mass there will be a celebration dinner at home. According to ancient custom, originating in the rites of the First Church, on Christmas eve, eating meatless meals. The meal has a religious character, and very solemn. Before the beginning of a feast read an excerpt from the gospel of St. Luke about the birth of Christ. The whole ritual of meal of the eve chaired by the father Continue reading

East Asia


East Asia is the Eurasian outskirts, facing the Pacific ocean. It stretches from the Soviet Far East in the North to southern China. Eastern Asia also includes Sakhalin island, the Kuril, the Japan, Taiwan, Hainan.

In East Asia there is no structural-geomorphological unity. Its mainland is an ancient land, within which the medium fold-hat mountain combined with accumulative plains. Islands and their surrounding sea belong to the Pacific zone, where the dip of the oceanic lithosphere of the Pacific plate under the continental margin of the Eurasian plate and lying in front of her island arc. This belt is marked by the strong development of seismology and volcanism.

The natural integrity of the East Asia define the characteristics of its climate and the organic world.

The basic pattern of climate formation is the East Asia monsoon circulation, creating a marked difference between wet cold and dry warm seasons. East Asia lies in the temperate and subtropical zones, and in the South sets in the tropical belt and temperatures in its range in a direction from North to South vary, but the main features of the monsoon climate persisted throughout. Massonnet the climate that can be considered the most striking feature of East Asia has left an indelible imprint on almost all sides Continue reading

National traditions of Korean art
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South Korea
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Philosophy of Japanese gardens
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