Rest dangerous

VACATION time is in full swing. Those who have chosen as the main locations of native Russian space, everything is clear. On the market and in the train, beware of pickpockets in the cafe don’t forget to check the score, or extra credit. But in zabugornyh trips hazards, and most unexpected, a lot more.

When to cheat — honorable

IT is there — in Egypt, Turkey and the UAE — the largest number of rides of our compatriots. And sometimes behave, to put it mildly, undignified. Typical example: Russian joyful uncle, sipping from the bottle of a bottle of frosty beer, from completeness of feelings the second stretches — at least a cold one and tasty — local. And as a consequence wild scandal, as it turns out that the proposal comply with the prohibition devout Muslims — a terrible insult. The same applies to cigarettes. Or another case: a guy, captured on camera next to his beloved pregnant local resident of mountain village, and following this prolonged proceedings and requirements to light a film. Because the production of photographs, in the opinion of the lady in the yashmak, will inevitably lead to health problems in the long-awaited first child.

And another important point while visiting Arab countries: haggle. Because to say three times inflated price, and then long and tiresomely bickering because the dollar is the favorite sport of local citizens. Besides all kinds of deception (such as: vparivaniya tattered rags under the guise of handmade carpet or whirling on a long taxi around the hotel, which actually was around the corner) is due to the simple fact — to Rob foreigners on local customs is not only not a sin, but more than that — honorable.

I do not advise feeding money to feed local juvenile beggars. Will give one to you and immediately will fly in a crowd like him.

Now about the clothes: the view that in Muslim countries all the ladies need to dress as modestly as possible, is fundamentally wrong. Yes, local women adhere to strict rules, but for tourists there are no restrictions — at least go in shorts and t-shirts. Only if you’re travelling without a male companion, this will cause the local men have an increased desire to communicate with you, and even better is not to touch private parts with a cloth body. But the danger of being raped you will not be subjected to — the laws on this are strict, and no one on your maiden honor (of course, if you do not want) will not encroach.

Another far-fetched at the root of the danger. Water from taps in hotels in the Arab-infested shed is not all the unknown bacteria. To drink it unboiled, of course, not worth it, but for brushing your teeth — it is quite good. Because in most hotels use desalinated sea (and cheaper and healthier).

And here in Thailand to use local water (in the same way, however, as local prostitutes) better watch out. There is great danger of catching some exotic sore, eating fish and chips from street stalls too famous or abusing submissive Thai masseuses.

Snitches around

In the CIVILIZED Christian world problems is considerably less, but this does not mean that they are not. For example, in Finland, in any case can not be violated environmental regulations. Do not neglect and the rules of the road, even if there are no representatives of the police. So, in Germany a law-abiding locals will “lay” you to the authorities. After all, from their point of view it’s not budnichno, and the concern for safe passage. In the travel Agency specializing in tourism bus, we were told of a story when caught in a huge tube Russian bus was blocked for two hours by the enraged German truck drivers, and then with righteous wrath surrendered to the police. Wine Russian driver was the fact that he got into a traffic jam, drove a few meters right side wheels on the series (according to local traffic regulations, this part of the road must always be free to rescue workers, firefighters or police). Germany, like Britain, are generally law-abiding. Which is not true, for example, about Spain. If you saw that in the restaurant account written much more than you ate (and it happens often here), not scandale, and tell the waiter as politely as possible. Problems will not be — struck and all. In Barcelona and in Rome, should be wary of the Gypsies. In no case do not take their offer of carnations — certainly going to make you pay. In Paris, Naples and Florence careful with motorcyclists — easily rip out from hands a bag and fly with it into the distance.

And the most law-abiding and trouble free country, according to most tour operators — Cyprus. In one of the firms told us a story about playing pranks are some Russian lady, dripping in gold and with a purse full of money. Now, Cyprus has not only robbed, but also with all possible comfort, almost on the hands, dragged them to ten of Cypriot adolescents. And then refused to take a tip from her extremely pleased spouse.

Sanatorium treat or maim?

To COMBINE rest and treatment, that is, with pleasure, became fashionable. Now, many spas offer medical treatment in absentia, and is a tempting invitation peck many, not expecting anything bad.

Oxygen and pearl BATHS, silica and sodium, mud and electrotherapy, acupuncture and cryotherapy, paraffin poultices… dazzled by the possibilities of Spa treatment. Want to oblepicha miracle mud, then soak in the healing tub and run to the chiropractor, then to still make the cryotherapy. For all the “uplocheno”, must be used! Moreover, the leave — one until next year the chance to treat everything at once will be no more.

However, if fruits and vegetables, fresh air and restful sleep will not hurt anyone, then the above medical treatments may benefit only those who truly need them. Therefore, going to treat coughing mud treatments, few know that you have chronic bronchitis, should still be confident that you are not pregnant, have varicose veins, heart disease and kidney failure, violation of ovarian function and that you have no tumors. And so — almost all types of procedures.

Before all those who went to a sanatorium, without fail designed the Spa card. Because of voluntary-compulsory medical examination revealed many diseases that it was impossible to go South, and walk for the majority of advertised treatments. In the high-risk group is people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Any chronic illness is a good reason before the beginning of any “recovery” to consult with a specialist, preferably with those who are watching you not the first and not with those who are interested to sell you the greatest possible package. Remember that most medical procedures are contraindicated during exacerbation of chronic illness and during colds, and furthermore, should not be performed in one day.

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