Secrets of art of love


Love. We all want to know her. Knowing, strive to save it, because there is no more sublime and beautiful feelings on earth. In relations between two loving people two important components – the emotional side (understanding, respect) and sexual (no comment). And if first we can learn by the example of their loving parents or friends happy with each other, the intimate side of life normally hidden from prying eyes (and rightly so, as it should be). But every woman wants to be his lover and only the best in everything, including sex.

It is believed that the most experienced mistress is the geisha . which are able to give a man an unforgettable sexual sensations. Let’s try to lift the veil of this intimate life, drawing on ancient Japanese art – geisha .

Because the word ” geisha ” means “artist”. The history of the art of the geisha dates back to the skill saburuko (VII century).The original geisha were men (Yes!), actors of theatre Kabuki. The fact that the samurai considered the woman as something unclean and unworthy of the valiant men and preferred the company of their worthy of, able to support intellectual conversation over a Cup of sake. Male geisha fulfilled some kind of function toastmaster to entertain guests with dancing, playing musical

instruments, reading poetry.

And only with time came the geisha – the women who were forced out “arena” geisha-men.

There are geisha in modern Japan now. It is believed that the era of the heyday of the geisha came in the nineteenth century when they literally were running the show and became the mistresses of the emperors.

At the same time were laid and norms of behavior of the geisha, and study the traditions of their art, which have survived unchanged till our time. Who is a female geisha .

Probably many of you saw the movie “memoirs of a geisha “, based on the novel by Arthur Golden. In great detail it describes the upbringing of the girl Chiyo, who later became a famous geisha named Nitta Sayuri. The word “geisha” we associate with Japanese beauty with “porcelain” face in dazzling kimono.

By the way, not everyone knows that the kimono of the geisha is fixed very complicated knot and tie it back, and even more to untie without assistance is extremely difficult. It is an ancient tradition that distinguishes a geisha from a prostitute, which the kimono is tied with a simple knot in the front, because she’s had to remove it several times a day. Importantly, since the advent of the profession of geisha, they were forbidden by law to provide sexual services for money. That is, the geisha could surrender to a man, but only voluntarily, at the behest of the heart and to the profession that no relation had.

The geisha is respected in society, is the epitome of femininity. In the circle of its duties includes the ability to support and direct the conversation, own play musical instruments, the art of calligraphy and ikebana, as well as the ability to conduct a tea ceremony. If it is to adapt to the present time – would you say that a woman-a geisha should posses all the skills of a good hostess to the guests who visited her home didn’t get bored.

And this girls future geisha is taught from childhood. Not the last place in the training took the study of psychology of men to achieve excellence not only in communication but also in sex. From early childhood girls live in strict subordination to elders, learning by principle “look at me, do as I do”. Banned violent expression of emotions – at a glance and poluvzglyada girl learns to understand what they want from it.

Geisha explores the future of the ABC body, ABC gestures. In the first place – to give pleasure to the interlocutor, to understand it, to grasp all his desires and mood. After all, sex with a geisha is the full merger of both soul and body. With this you’ll never get from geisha stormy groans and screams – all the emotions are expressed only by movements of a trained body. And here one knowledge of psychology is not enough, the girl’s body geishas are also trained from childhood.

There is a special direction called the ” volberding ” – literally – muscle of love (VUM – vaginal muscles).

Every geisha fluent in these muscles, which is achieved through years of hard work. Previously, access to the science had only the elect, today this knowledge available and useful to all women. The fact is that performing these exercises very well affect the health of women. During their execution (like any exercise) blood flow to the intimate muscles, increases blood circulation in the tissues, the mucous becomes more elastic and even microflora is restored.

Exercises for training the vaginal muscles enhances orgasms experienced by a woman and about the man and say no – he gets an unforgettable pleasure. By controlling your muscle during sex, you can further stimulate the man, he experiences more resistance, which greatly increases his ejaculation and prevents congestion in the male genitals. Thanks to volberding, you care not only about getting more sexual pleasure, but also your health – and your partner.

The most famous exercises for the training of intimate muscles – Kegel exercises. You can run them using a special vaginal balls (then the result is achieved faster), but on the first

you can do without them. One of the advantages of these exercises is that you can do them anytime and anywhere – at work, in transport, etc. because from absolutely nothing noticeable. Exercises consist of alternately tensing and relaxing vaginal muscles. To determine which muscles must be put to work very easily – intentionally try to stop the urination – this will be work of intimate muscles.

There are four options of Kegel exercises .

1. Reduction. Need to stretch and relax the vaginal muscles as quickly as possible. Start with 10 contractions – relaxations 10. You can gradually increase this number to 30.

2. Slow compression. Slowly squeeze the muscles, then linger in that state for 20-30 seconds and slowly relax.

3. Gradual tension-relaxation. Try to gently stretch the muscles and lock them in this position for a few seconds. Then amplify the voltage and fix again, again

amplify. and so on to the limit. It is important then, slowly, gradually relax the muscles.

4. Popping. Tighten the muscles as during childbirth or in the chair, but not much, and moderately, as if you want something to push it out.

Need to do 3-5 approaches for each option exercises 3-4 times a day, combining different options.

I hope that you will not be lazy and at least try to do. Do not expect instant result, still you train your muscles, the main condition is the regularity! Classes don’t throw,

if you get them started.

Believe me, to see the delight in the eyes of the man she loved taken from him is worth a lot of fun. You will be the sexiest, most unique, and most importantly – only, because as you know – from good deed goes unpunished! Good luck, be happy and loved!

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