The South Korean Army


General information:

– The minimum military recruitment age: 20 years

– Available military manpower: 12 483 677

– Total military personnel: 5 209 000 (on the front line — 687 000, backup power to 4 500 000, as well as paramilitary — 22 000)

Annual military expense: 28,940,000,000$ (2008)

– The available purchasing power: 206 1 000 000 000 $

– Gold reserves reported by: 271 100 000 000 $

– Total working power: 23 980 000

– legally South Korea is still belligerent country. In 1953 the Korean war ended not in peace but only a truce, a cease-fire. In Korea, no peace Treaty, there is a formal agreement that would stop the war, so with the international legal point of view the Korean war as yet over. And it’s not just some legal technicalities. The border between North and South troubled North Korean saboteurs regularly appear in the South and from the North infiltrated the terrorists, at least three times – in 1968, 1974 and 1982 – attempted to organize the assassination of South Korean presidents. “Small” the war of the intelligence and special forces at any moment could escalate into a major war, and military experts for several decades, the Korean Peninsula belongs to the most unstable regions of the planet. Therefore not surprising that in the life of the Republic of Korea army plays a significant role.

The South Korean army trained by American instructors, and armed with mostly American arms. In Korea are still American troops in case of war, should act in conjunction with the Korean army. Therefore, the structure of the Korean armed forces of more or less copies of American, and in many ways different from our usual Russian /Soviet patterns.

In Korea there are three types of armed forces: the army, air force and Navy. As in the US, they are very independent from each other. At the head of the army, again on the American model, is the chiefs, who plays the role of the General Staff, and undertakes operational management of the armed forces. There is in Korea and the Ministry of Defence, but it is a civil organization responsible for the budget of the armed forces, their supplies and personnel. In addition, in Korea there is an independent Maritime border guard, as part of civil defense.

– serve in the army usually 22 months. In the Navy and the air force is 24-25 months, alternative service is 26 months.Army in Korea no “professional” (i.e., calling a spade a spade, hired), and conscription. The lifetime depends on the type of troops, from family circumstances of the candidate, from a number of other factors, but generally ranges from 1, 5 to 2, 5 years. Attitudes to conscription in Korea is very serious. In army served almost all men, regardless of their education or their relationships from their parents. In 1997, when in Korea there was a presidential election, one of the reasons for the defeat of the ruling party candidate was the fact that he seems to have helped his son avoid military service. As soon as this became known, the credibility of the presidential candidate with voters was hopelessly undermined, and the elections he lost. Delays in learning in Korea is not (take students into the army directly from high schools), delay due to illness are given very reluctantly. Right of reprieve are few. First, it is those with growth less than 141 cm and weight less than 44 kg. secondly, those who have myopia greater than 10 diopters. Thirdly, those who suffer from diabetes or some other chronic diseases. The presence of all the real and perceived threats to national security, probably, has considerable influence on the attitude of Koreans for military service to evade it, “mowing” in Korea it is not customary. In many cases it is, as they say, and a more expensive: the man who did not serve in the army, when employment raises considerable doubt in the HR departments of major companies.

– according to the laws of the Republic of Korea for refusal to serve in the army 18 months behind bars.

In South Korea, where the performance of military duty by citizens is considered a Holy thing, not wanting to stand under the gun there is no other alternative as to go to the prisoners. Doing some 750 boys from 300 thousand recruits that arrive each year for two-year military service.

– 1 October in Korea is celebrated armed forces Day.

– «South Korean military service were allowed to change their gender”

The Supreme court of South Korea has made some changes to the current legislation of the country.

In particular, it is the South Koreans who wish to change gender, do not necessarily take place before this military service, as required before the law.

A South Korean court permitted the inhabitants of the country to do the operation for the sex change in 2006. However, to get right to the procedure, it was possible only at observance of several conditions. For example, a man who had intended to become a woman, you were required to serve in the armed forces of either country to prove to the authorities that the transaction is not a way to avoid being drafted into the South Korean army.

The court found that this condition is too restrictive as to prove the connection between the desire to change gender and the intention to avoid service in the army was almost impossible. Other restrictions the court has upheld. So, transgender people in South Korea can become only people over 20 years old that are not married and have no children.

According to figures announced by the South Korean Supreme court, in recent years the number of people wishing to change sex from male to female in the country has increased significantly. If in 2006 the operation was decided only 15 men, then in 2008 became 29.

– Despite the fact that in South Korea there is no law that would prohibit citizens to do tattoos, they are still considered symbols of shame and associated with thugs and gangsters. According to South Korean law on military service, conscription exempt individuals with tattoos because their appearance “will cause disgust at colleagues”.

– For comparison, in North Korea (DPRK) the term of service of conscripts in the army — 5-12 years. The main associations and formations of ground forces are the army, corps, division and brigade. The standing army is not, and is deployed on the basis of army corps. The life of the draftee in the air force and air defense is 3-4 years. The service life of the recruit in the Navy — 5 to 10 years.

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