Traditions of their people


It is very important to inculcate the younger generation love to native culture.

Regardless of the place of residence of the Kazakhs must know the language and traditions of his people.

A. N. Nazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

There are on the map village of the Omsk region under the sonorous, beautiful name Krasnogorka, which in 2010 will celebrate its 110th anniversary since the founding of migrants from Ukraine.

And once there was a village lane, on which lands and founded the settlement. Here’s what history tells us:

The village of Maina was called by name here wandering tribe of Kazakhs lane, that in translation from Kazakh means “rich steppes with an abundance of water and lush grass”. Why is the Kazakh? Because from the second half of the 19th century on the territory of this lot was occupied by yurts of Kazakh nomads. 12 kilometers to the South lived the nomad Sahasi, and West of USBI. It was rich Kazakhs, bred horses, and almost with their herds had no boundaries.

The first settler of lane phase was Masalimov Muslim. The roots of his kind in the Krasnogorka is until today in its sixth generation.

It helped the Kazakhs to settle in the new lands of Ukrainian immigrants, helped than could. shared their food. gave the horses to move and transport things, assisted in the construction of housing, etc.

Since then, and live together in one village Kazakhs and people of other nationalities. mainly Ukrainians. the Russians and the Germans. Everybody’s got a story…

Everyone likes the village. because it is located in a very scenic location. Near the village are unique in the natural ratio. the famous salt lake Ebeyty with miraculous healing mud, not inferior in its qualities to therapeutic mud of Crimean; and Uminska beam, which is called little Switzerland – so there is beautiful nature is a real relaxation area. and around the village arc reaches another lake. with fresh water. mighty high-lined trees and lush shrubs. Beautiful well maintained village!

The village which the Kazakhs. according to the law. feel native, called little Motherland. Several generations of Kazakhs were born here: Aushakhmetova, Abdikarimova, Nurtazina, Tasbulatova, Kamenova, Samsonova,Bisenbaev, Samarova, Shakirova – large Kazakh family, living many years in the Krasnogorka; it is they who preserve the traditions and culture of the native people and passed from generation to generation customs. Huge thanks to them for that! What would we, the Kazakhs, the youth, know about yourself, if not for our grandparents.

National customs we abide by strictly. Whoever you are, “new Kazakh” or a humble state employee, citizen or resident of the village. You don’t to fend off numerous reminders of relatives and friends that your approach mushel-Jas – fatal age, celebrated at intervals of 12 years and on a scale that rivals the festivities. Magnificently noting the passage of the 12-year cycle, people thank the Almighty for successfully passed stage and hope for a successful life in the next dvenadtsatyi.

We convene guests, and on kermadec – sacrifice, it is brought in the event of a successful outcome of the illness, any difficult tests, extreme incidents that have occurred in my life. This expression of gratitude to fate, guarding against adversity, hope in her favor in the future. The ability to be grateful, like hospitality, is a special feature of the Kazakh people.

The custom of giving the baigazy – a gift for the renewal or acquisition – is also unique, pure Kazakh “invention”, rooted, perhaps, in those days, when the purchase was a rare event, almost a landmark – because of modesty being. Today, the reins to give the baigazy probably can find every day. But where children are involved, the child will not pass the baigazy. A neighbor boy on a new bike, own son, who you bought the computer will be eligible for the baigazy and, of course, will receive it. Where else can such a thing to you for your purchase and the gift was given. In this custom? Yes nothing but joy divided. Sharing the joy, wish she repeated. The baigazy, happens, receives and is especially significant for adult buy: a car for example. Bestow him close with a wish of “green roads”…

Kazakhs New year since ancient times, even before the adoption of Islam, in celebrating Nowruz, 21 March – the vernal equinox. But winter, New year, with all its attributes, long considered his, it is a secular festival, without religious meanings. Also put the Christmas tree to the children, considering it to be a real decoration of everyone’s favorite holiday. After all, Islam and Christianity originated in the same land…

Our custom ainsi to give the – gift the good news is well aware of rural children. Gift will, too, if you swinging in to the neighbor’s house before all, to declare that a demobilized soldier, their son goes through the village to otchemu home. The news of the birth of a child deserves a good sinsi, because it is prepared in advance in anticipation of joy. There was loss of cuinse. The Mare was delivered of a handsome foal – ainsi! Because there is no greater joy than to share the joy. To make gifts, always a pleasure to bestow. It is always easier to give than to take, to help is easier than asking for help. Customs are wise and teach us many things…

Krasnogorsk messages are very proud of the Kazakh folklore ensemble “Tamasese lane” formed in 2000. The group is led by Sandugash Gabbasov, she also plays the accordion. The team twice a year participates in the district competition of Amateur creativity and in the regional festival “EDINENIE”. The group consists of 12 participants, four playing on the national musical instrument dombra. In 2007 the folk group took part in the festival of wedding ceremonies held in the regional House of Friendship. Twenty awarded creative achievements of the Kazakh ensemble “Tamasese lane”.

We have in the village recently elected Imam – Samsonov Saparbek Kalmanovich, in the hospitable house of which gather adults and children to read the Holy book of Moslems – the Koran. You are also welcome to AIT-namaz, Maula-AI. The old men strictly observe the fasts, taught to the Muslim faith the younger generation.

Many people know Khodarovich family, which grew to seven children. The eldest son, Daurenbek – the master of sports on Greco-Roman wrestling, the middle son Bakhytzhan – master of sports of 1994. the youngest son of Ramadan – the master of sports of the international class on pankration, the repeated champion of Russia and the USSR, the silver prize-winner of world championship in pankration, winner of the Intercontinental championship belt from Europe to Asia.

In 2000 in our village opened a Museum, which presents the first settlers of the area-the Kazakhs.

Any event in the Kazakh family is not complete without the preparation of a national dish – beshbarmak. Every family has a Kazakh national costume, which is wear during the holidays.

Men-Kazakhs in our village mainly engaged in agriculture: breeding of cattle, sheep, horses. This is a great work. Women too are not idle: in addition to any work home, the family require great attention and labour, while many women were Housewives. But we children still go to school, but at home all tend to help their parents.

So I live and do the heavy physical labour of a simple Kazakh family in the Krasnogorka. Live peacefully, happily, deeply honor the traditions and culture of the native Kazakh people. Gathering in large, noisy and cheerful company about any of the holidays, speak the native tongue. Enjoy reading Newspapers and books in the Kazakh language. My dream is to build in the center of the village mosque, where it would be all right to gather together.

From time to time to all villagers spend the national holiday “Nauryz-one”, bright, colorful, fun, unforgettable.

Live, helping each other in joy and in sorrow, trying to live honestly and justly, as the Kazakhs have always lived on this land.

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