Who is geisha and how is it different from a courtesan?

the Bulk of Japanese poems – haiku dedicated to the beauty of flowers. The authors underline the fragility and tenderness of the buds blossoms, as if bathed in pink frosting, stars cute-petals of chrysanthemums.In the works of Japanese poets and philosophers, the perfect image of the fairer sex almost constantly associated and compared with the flower.

Therefore, blaikie nymphs Kyoto, are a dream; fantastic creatures – thanks to its colorful, together, they seem to be direct representatives of the divine Kingdom of flora.

There are 2 versions of the outputs in light of the geisha in the land of Japan.

The version 1 supporters believe that the originals were 2 geisha enterprising person, koie decided in the eleventh century to gain profit and popularity an interesting idea for Holy warriors. Dressed in formal wear own visitors white long dresses, high hats, and by attaching swords to the belt, they broke into a dance… the Guests were so stunned that, after a number of days, ladies have become the most vivid characters in all receptions a dinner. Over time, white clothes slightly diversified – skirts were red, and swords are out of fashion.

The second version says that at first, geisha were admitted only male adepts, and they entertained not the highest society. Geisha-men was a part of the so-called “water world” that, in fact, was considered as the analogue of the Paris court “amazing things” Over time the men remained not destiny, because the public is more impressed by dance of soft white as the snow of moths in the performance of the fairer sex. When did this revolution of the sexes, geisha immediately bought than the most reputable beauties was invited to tea ceremonies.

The areas in which communities were geisha, was known as the “flower streets” (hanamachi) ran the geisha “mother” Oka-San. The geisha apprentice Maiko was called. The transition from Maiko to geisha is commonly accompanied by loss of virginity, CoE sold more respectable visitors to the Grand hanamachi for money. Paying more than the man behind it, in order “to pick a flower of innocence”, the higher were the chances of Maiko to be in demand and highly paid geisha.

The fame and beauty of the geisha began to be measured by the status of the inviting her tea building. As Claudia Schiffer does not have the ability to afford to advertise. ladies ‘ hygiene means including quite a lot of money for – but and popular geisha is not able to come to a teahouse, which is popular and respected choice, differently it is possible for her career to put an end! Regardless of what a geisha was a the top of sensual pleasures, they at any rate were not prostitutes. It is important that from the first moment of the emergence of the profession of a geisha, they were not legally allowed to provide sexual proposals for money.

“The main difference for me from prostitutes, reports of famous geisha Sakawa ESPI, is that the main purpose of the sale the fairer sex, albeit personally expensive and efficient, the customer gets in bed. I learned these movements, coie force the visitor to experience orgasm in the period of the dance. Although it orgasm 1. After that, I resume power through men’s hands, lips and hair – these mild touches again forced to experience orgasm 2, and 3 only achieved orgasm in bed”

Geisha Golden age lasted from the 60s of the XIX and beginning of XX century. Directly in this period was difficult and developed a sophisticated system of education of a geisha, CoE included literature, painting, music, and the ability to be irresistible – Kokono – tokoro (nine recipes of beauty), which allowed the fairer sex – the colors look perfect.

Nowadays (especially in Tokyo) geisha – this is not the life style, and presumably satisfactory perk for attractive Japanese women. And popular geisha usually thanks to greedy emotions to residents of other countries. The regional public loves to have fun in company fresh generation of entertainers hostesses (and closer to the West, and less of the conventions; the handling of true geisha is reminiscent of a trip to the Museum behold, you say, but the hands keep away) In Kyoto doll beauties strive to keep the most ancient of the commandments: they are acting since my childhood on the technique of various dances (traditions of Noh and Kabuki), taught to play the shamisen, a very large Tsutsumi drum and Japanese flute; act on a certain kind of singing (with a predominance of the throat sounds); authors examine the specifics of the tea ceremony, and Kyoto dialect specific.

For a long time, the fee received by the geisha who was called flower money”, because the Queen of tea ceremonies hoped the money spent on the purchase of scented sticks, coie burned during its presence in China house.

In solution it is possible to declare that “the World of flowers and weeping willows”- and incredibly effective first attempt of Japanese women to organize a personal business, where men played roles of hairdressers, tailors and teachers. Wisdom Japanese beauties manifested in the fact that they have not had as much right to make money Grand money, received well-deserved honor, reverence and delight of the world, but escaped and gender intsindentov invariably related to all the fairer sex, they stepped into the world and the largest capital investments (especially in a country where Yin and Yang equal only in the picture).

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